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I am vulnerable, I am short, I am in constant need for knowledge. I can not find all this knowledge only by reading books, for however many mugs of coffee I drink I find it very boring and finally end up droopy in the books. So I chose this route. I want to be active, engaged, connected. I want to be a friend anyone that align with my thoughts, feelings views and value so we can travel this journey together. The journey of acquiring as much knowledge as we can and sharing along the way and finally passing it to the younger generations. That is the goal of this educational wiki. I would like to encourage anyone with good ideas out there to join me me in collecting, writing, and sharing of this valuable resources.

In this journey I have managed to write a little. I have done this on various issue on blogs, this wiki, web sites, and twitter. I have written on educational technology, Environments, Environmental degradation, Language, Visual literacy and many others. Below you will find the links to the


Here are a list of blogs that I have so far developed in my effort to fulfill what is required of me as an educator.
  1. Mudash Tech Insights
  2. Aha Visual Literacy

Web sites

The following are site that I worked on as class projects but they have vital material that can be of help to you.
  1. globe4green
  2. globalcp

Social Bookmarking

I have a lot of resources on my social bookmarking site at Evans Bookmarks


I have only one twitter account. I have not been left behind this adventure in educational technology just by writing tweets.Here is my twitter handle evansmudanya@twitter.com.

Second Life (SL)

I have a second Life account that I have had since 2008. I know some people are afraid of second life but I grantee you once you know how to get around second life you will like it. It is a great experience to be virtual live meeting friend socializing, shopping and also learning. You can make friends all over the world and talk about a wide variety of things.To know more about SL please feel free to go on my blog and follow the diretions I have put on there. It take a lot of time to be used to it so be patient. My favorite thing on SL is to listen to reggae music. My SL name is **Snave Zhungson**, if you see me on their please say, Hi:)


I have skype. I mostly call long distance on it. I think it is a neat way to communicate. We have used it on conferencing several times and it works great. My skype id is evans.mudanya